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Sreekshetra Ganagapur is in the Gulbarga district of Karnataka State in India. It is around 45 kms from the district headquarter Gulbarga. Karnataka state road transportation buses are there from Gulbarga to Ganagapur for every 1 or 1.5 hours and the journey is around 1.5 hours from Gulbarga to Ganagapur. Ganagapur Road railway station is also there, but some trains are not haivng halt/stop at this station and if at all the trains stop also, the halting period of the train is negligible when compared to the halt at Gulbarga. So, it is always better to getdown at Gulbarga and it is also convinient to take lunch/tiffins in the hotels or for booking reservations for bus/trains to any stations or for return journeys etc. Ganagapur Datta Mutt is situated 22 kms away from ‘Ganagapur Road’ (Railway Station Name) in Karnataka. Nearest City is Gulbarga at 40 kms (approx), Gangapur to Sholapur (Solapur) distance is around 95 kms (approx), Hyderabad to Ganagapur is 250 kms (approx), Mumbai to Ganagapur railway distance is 526 kms (approx)

From Bangalore:

The Railway Station at Gangapur is called Gangapur Road. Bangalore to Ganagapur Road Rail Distance is 612 Kms. From Railway Station Ganagapur Road to Ganagapur Town where Datta Mandir is situated is around 30 minutes journey by road.The best mode to reach Ganagapur is by Udyan Express Train. It starts around about 8 pm from Bangalore and reaches Ganagapur Road station at 9 am next day. From here there are plenty of private transport Vehicles and few buses run by state government . The actual place to visit is Deval Ganagapur which is 25 kms from Ganagapur road railway station.The Udyan express departs as return journey from Ganagapur Road at 5:45 pm. It will reach Bangalore by 9 am. Even Karnataka Government/Private luxury/Hi-Tech buses are there from Bangalore to Gulbarga. From Chennai: There are direct trains from Chennai to Gulbarga. The trains running towards Mumbai/Pune are having halt at Gulbarga.

From Hyderabad:

Direct buses of KSRTC/APSRTC are there from Imlibun Bus station of Hyderbad to Gulbarga for every one hour even in the midnight also. Journey period is around 5 to 6 hours. Hyderabad to ‘Ganagapur Road’ by Bus, Take bus to Gulbarga. There are many trains to Gulbarga. One can reach Gulbarga Bus standand(Auto charge Rs.25.00) and take a bus to Ganagapur. One direct bus is also there to Ganagapur running by APSRTC from Imlibun Bus stand, Hyderabad. Trains are also available to reach Gulbarga/Ganagapur road. Hyderabad to Mumbai trains are having stop at Gulbarga.


Hyderabad to ‘Ganagapur Road’ by Car is Hyderabad to Patancheru – Sangareddy-Zaheerabad – to Gulbarga – to Chowdapur – to Ganagapur

From Pune/Mumbai:

Mumbai to ‘Ganagapur Road’ direct and most convenient Train is 1013 Dn L.T.T. Kurla Terminus – Coimbatore Express, which departs from Kurla Terminus at 10.10 PM & departs from Kalyan 11.15 in the night. It reaches Ganagapur at 8.08 AM on the next day morning. Chennai mail, Hussainsagar express and other trains are also available. List of trains from various places to
Gulbarga: Basava Express from Mysore
Bijapur – Bolarum Passenger from Bijapur
Bijapur – Raichur Passenger from Bijapur
Chennai Mail from Mumbai and Chennai
Coimbatore – Lokmanya from Coimbatore and Lokmanya
Gulbarga – Solapur Passenger from Gulbarga and Sholapur
Hubli – Secunderabad Express from Hubli
Husainsagar Express from Mumbai
Hussainsagar Express from Hyderabad
Hyderabad Bijapur Passenger from Hyderabad
Mumbai Mail from Chennai and Mumbai
Raichur – Bijapur Passenger from Raichur
Secunderabad – Hubli Express from Secunderabad

Udyan Express from Bangalore.

Near By Airports to Ganagapur Road Railway Station Closest airport to Ganagapur Road Railway Station is Sholapur Airport – (76.49 Km / 47.53 Miles).Following are the nearest airports to Ganagapur Road and Ganagapur Road Railway Station. Distance to the two airports is given in bracket. Sholapur Airport – (76.49 Km / 47.53 Miles) Osmanabad Airport – (103.91 Km / 64.56 Miles)